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    AOL used to be my ISP. I still use AOL for all of my primary email addresses.

    However, like many companies which have become very successful, AOL morphed into a 100% customer non-friendly business. It’s total demise is just a matter of time.

    For example: There are numerous problems with the AOL email system. However,

    (a) there are no corrections which users can make and
    (b) there is no way to contact AOL to inquire about remedies

    Lately, I’ve noticed that AOL’s “sent” mail folder does not capture a significant percentage of outgoing emails. There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason to this anomaly — it just occurs randomly and, consequently, “sent” emails are lost forever UNLESS one performs an immediate “search” for the email address that was just used and then, mysteriously, the “lost” email re-appears. If, however, you delay for an hour or two and you don’t recall the email address — then the sent email is lost forever.

    In addition, several people have sent me emails — which I never received AND frequently, emails sent by friends appear in my “spam” folder when there is no rational basis for their email to be routed into my spam folder.

    AOL was certainly a major contributor to the development of internet. But its time has come and gone. RIP