• David Rothwell

    “Go with the flow” – absolutely agree!

    The strategy of allocating budgets may be fine for larger firms and corporates (I’m an ex-Corporate employee of some 25 years), but when we’re earning more than we spend (The Goal, as measurable by targeted conversion costs) then there’s no such thing as a budget any more.

    My clients would love to be able to spend more on AdWords, but they’re maxed out and buying every click they can. Their daily budgets are unlimited. (These are the only kind of Client I work with, since they know their numbers and profitability – not every business owner does, even in this day and age, shocking and depressing, but true).

    This is why we welcome new opportunities to scale from Google, by the introduction of new campaign types like Dynamic Search, Dynamic Remarketing, Remarketing Lists for Search, and new Ad Extensions to get us more eyeballs and conversion opportunities.