• sebuhi

    Thank you for the post. In my opinion it is time to use responsive css and not to divide page ranking between a mobile site and desktop site.

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    Check out http://www.tag.vu (go to http://www.tag.vu/TagVu/Tour-CaseStudy.html) Some great examples of using CSS to create a userfriendly mobile experience.


    We have created an Advanced 2D tag for branding purposes. http://www.gliif.com

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  • Elena PiJnz

    As developers of piJnz enterprise mobile cms and landing page platform we see many pages in all shapes and forms.  You are absolutely right, Mobile requires the same attention to detail as would a traditional site.

    Sebuhi – responsive CSS is a great solution for dynamically transforming some desktop content into a mobile-optimized format, however the landing pages for mobile campaigns are probably not a good candidate to simply mirror the desktop content. A short and very focused mobile landing pages generally convert better, and hand-crafting a focused mobile experience for a mobile ad is worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1581720010 Donny Schell

    I hate when I see an article on Google on my phone, click on it, then be taken to the mobile landing page instead of the story I clicked on. And I’m not able to find the story I wanted even after trying to search for it from the landing page. That should be fixed.

  • http://uk.rankfirst.info/ Simone Luciani

    Comprehensive and very useful. Mobile marketing is growing rapidly and marketers should work hard on campaign landing pages. 

  • http://twitter.com/K_J_Designs Keith James Designs

    We use both adaptive and responsive designs. It really depends on the use case. If the site is content rich, a responsive design is a better choice. We typically use adaptive design for sites that are more suited for immediate decisions making such as a restaurant. We also tend to segment landing pages, it really depends on the call to action the page is trying to accomplish.