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    As anyone who attended Pubcon can attest, Local is truly now at an apex of the online marketing world. Presentations from industry experts such as Matt Cutts, Bruce Clay, Michael , Andrew Beckman, Brian Combs, William Leake, Bill Hartzer and yes, yours truly, attested to the fact that the online marketing world including social media is going local..with mobile driving the change.

    Those business who do not get this quickly sorted out will find themselves either completely lost online in terms of visibility or at best now on page 2 or worse. Making sure that your business information is clearly on every page in some way and that your About Us and Contact Us pages are optimized for local as well as your services is critical.

    For more information check out presentations on Local including Social Goes Local – Advertising Opportunities and Local Search Ranking Tactics:

    Curtis R. Curtis
    Sharksfly Marketing

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    I couldn’t agree more. I would also say being aware of your digital footprint is important when it comes to managing your online reputation. Research your name & user names to see what relevant info pops up in the first few browser pages. If the links are full of college party pics or other things you don’t want to be immediately recognized for, proactively leaving a trail of content that you do want searchers to find is even more important. Google may never forget, but it typically puts more recent name-specific content toward the top, so you can definitely use social media streams and blog comments to manage those top-ranked items.