• http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    Wow, really? I’m surprised McDonald’s raked in that many searches. I’m not exactly sure why people needed (or wanted) to search for them. Were they running a contest during the Olympics? I honestly don’t recall.

  • http://www.freescrabbledictionary.com/ Cesar Bielich

    Same here wondering why Mc Donald’s ranked so high. It’s not like they already spend a ton of money year round in advertising. What’s also interesting is the diversity in the market for each commercial

    Mc Donald’s you probably have a lower to low/mid class market while Cadillac you have a high mid/upper class market. Since there are more people that make less money than more money it seems obvious that Mc Donald’s would rank higher.

    It stats like this I love to digest and analyze to see what they did in their commercials that sparked such attention.

  • http://www.convertro.com/ Jeff Zwelling

    Very interesting article, Amy. These search statistics are certainly useful, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customer path tracking. By using multi-touch attribution, a company can see not only how many people searched for their offering online after seeing a commercial, but which channels are leading to these sales and brand interactions. Simply knowing online searches is one step in the customer path journey, but not the whole picture. Multi-touch attribution allows brands to see where the marketing budget should be allocated for future spend.

    Jeff Zwelling
    CEO and co-founder, Convertro