• http://www.highrankings.com/newsletter/ Jill Whalen

    Ahhh….Kim, I remember getting a record in the cereal too! May very well have been Partridge Family, as we did have a 45 of that hanging around. Too funny.

    As to reading, I come from a long line of library book readers. My grandmother, mother, sister and I think maybe even my brother are all at the library 2 or 3 times a week–every week.

    But not I. I’m perfectly happy to do most of my reading online. Perhaps if there were no internet I may have gone back to regular reading as I love it when I do it, I just am too addicted to my glowing monitors. One day I might get a Kindle, and maybe that will bring back some fiction to my life!

  • kizmetech

    Thanks for this article Kim. For me, it’s analogous to photography, people thought it may replace fine art. It didn’t of course, since they’re entirely different animals. Anyway, reading online is vital to my business, to my relationships. It’s where I do ALL my research now. However, I’m currently reading My Antonia, by Willa Cather, and can’t imagine doing it online. Can’t take my computer in the tub either. Love reading in the tub! Can’t imagine a monitor and waterproof keyboard built into my bathroom even when I do become rich and famous…

  • elchenuk

    Great article Kim, I totally agree with you about the experience of reading a book, even the smell of the pages gets me excited! Strangely though its the angle at which my head is tilted that makes reading a book more comfortable, likewise I prefer looking down at a laptop rather than straight at a monitor…

  • alexhardie80

    Nice piece. While I’ll never be pursuaded to put down my latest Danny Wallace/Dan Brown/Sam Bourne or other, I can confirm the advent of new technologies has resulted in the humble paper back vying for attention on my bedside table. This is thanks, in part, to something called an Itouch! Last night for instance Dave Gorman’s latest opus didn’t get a look in. Why? I was reading SEO article after article on my Touch. So, the issue for me is thus: I’ll never stop reading a book in its classic form, but I may be ‘less’ likely to read one as technology makes it ever more easy for me to digest what I want, when I want…