• http://twitter.com/Kevin_Lee_QED Kevin Lee

    Video (TV and online) drive emotional engagement. That’s why despite the flight of eyeballs away from traditional TV and DVRs TV advertising is still thriving. It delivers the emotional impact and recall at scale. However clearly one needs a great SEO and SEM campaign as well as strong social to make sure the interest driven by the TV campaigns is properly nurtured and harvested.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacobpuhl Douglas Jacob Puhl

    Regarding organic traffic increasing and nonbrand traffic increasing… interested to see the organic traffic only broken down between nonbrand and branded terms. If organic brand increased, that obviously makes sense as people are viewing the commercials and searching the brand. If the organic NON brand increased, that could imply a few interesting things… either a) for the terms that the site ranked for, they are now seeing an increased CTR in the organic SERP because visitors are recognizing the brand amongst the other ranking sites above and below your client or b) somehow rankings were affected and increased by all of this activity (enter: conspiracy theory of paid search affecting organic rank, possible).

    Can you break that down as well?

  • gimmi81

    really cool article. Do you guys know if there is any similar study on the impact from generic online “branding” adv (display, for instance) on search? It should be much easier to track, although many companies still have issues to understand the real value the get back from it.

  • Luis Garcia de la Fuente

    I work in a lead generation company and I know this effect quite well. We may get x2 or x3 times incoming phone calls when our customer is advertising on TV. This ‘real time effect’ is due to the fact that many people is watching TV while using their laptop or iPad.