• Jeff Klee


    As the CEO of CheapAir.com, I want to thank you for taking the
    time to look at our app. I appreciate your candid feedback, the points you make
    are very fair.

    Although we’re proud of what we’ve done and think it’s a big
    step forward for flight search, we have also been careful to acknowledge that
    it’s just a baby step. We have only scratched the surface of what is possible.
    You’re right, for now we require queries that are a little more structured than
    we would like. On the other hand, our system is designed to learn as it goes
    and we plan to roll out improvements pretty quickly. In fact, you’ll notice
    that your search “I need to go to New York on July 2nd” has already
    been “learned”. That one will work now! We’ll keep making it better, I promise,
    and someday we will get to a point where open ended queries like “When is the
    cheapest time to go to Hawaii” won’t be a problem, either.

    – Jeff