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    I could have answered that question for you :). I was born in Berlin and my family still lives there.

    They still fight about the planned expansion of Airport Berlin Schoenefeld to another German hub without moving forward. Schoenefeld (ex-East Germany) is the only Berlin Airport that is NOT located in the middle of the city and thus has room for expansion.

    Schoenefeld is today somewhat of an hub for eastern Europe and Berlin Tegel remains the main airport for destinations in western Germany and Europe. The airlines played around a bit and had a flight from Berlin directly to Washington DC and Denver.

    I believe even Dallas what would have been perfect for me, because there is a flight from Fresno/CA (where I live now) to Dallas today.

    I don’t know what happened to those flight they disappeared together with a lot of the “Billigfliegern” (Bargain Airlines). Now I can to the classic hubs hops again from FAT to LAX or SFO (50 min), LAX/SFO to FRA (Frankfurt/Main) or MUC (Munich) 10-11 hours and then FRA/MUC to TXL (Berlin Tegel) 50 minutes again. With 1-2 hours or more “fun” at the “safe” US Airports.

    I will be in Berlin in March too and will think about your hazzles to forget about mine. Flying sucks nowadays.

  • http://www.bigtravelweb.com/carribean.htm Carribean

    It’s a great travel site I never saw before – thanks for the low-down!