• http://twitter.com/ktf5683 Fukushima

    Great article.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3S7T4QJKNGAAXZKKHZDAARDXQM Sannel

    The shopping items is Interventioned by google or is nature, and what’s the Principle that how to Sort with Google

  • http://reelseo.com/about/grant Grant Crowell

    What’s confusing is Google’s language of disclosure on it’s shopping search results embedded in their universal SERPs, aka “Sponsored Links.” They say that they’re compensated by “some” of the merchants, yet Danny Sullivan has said here at SearchEngineLand that all of Google’s shopping search engine results are a pay-to-play program, i.e. “paid inclusion.” So which is it? All of it or some of it?

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Grant, right now it’s a hybrid of “free” listings from Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads from the AdWords platform, so their description is accurate.  After September it will be all paid with the same feed powering both “shopping only” results and the image links on the Universal SERP.  We’re in a hybrid transition period right now.

  • http://reelseo.com/about/grant Grant Crowell

    Thanks for explaining that to me, George. I do remember now that being the case. The question I have for Google is, will the pop-language in their Sponsored Links explanation change to reflect this come September?

  • Giovanni Tummarello

    Yup, i would agree on the analysis that while the specific algorithms will be always somehow changing, those providing either money or good quality metadata will have an edge. Afterall users do prefer to see less results but also less noise when it comes to an engine so if metadata is considered of bad quality its understandable that exclusion can happen.

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