• daveintheuk

    Censorship issues aside, this is probably a smart move to stop too much money leaking out of their economy and into Google’s pockets. Perhaps the UK and others should pay attention and do the same – after all, they pay no tax here and are pushing harder and harder to syphon money off every online transaction. Protectionism FTW.

  • pyx

    News flash no foreign companies pay full tax in the UK. It’s not Google’s fault it’s the government for creating tax loopholes

  • http://www.adrianspeyer.com/ Adrian

    Don’t forget this also impacts the 15 million websites who choose to track with Google Analytics. They will not be able register any data from China traffic as long as this is outage continues. Depending on the business, this can have a big impact. It’s another reason why companies who rely on their analytics should examine alternatives such as GetClicky or self-hosted solutions such as Piwik.

  • http://twitter.com/Winooski Nato (Nate Orshan)
  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh

    I think he was leaning more towards the country protecting their investments, assets and objects/services related to such. Not to defend or attack that comment – just my take away from @daveintheuk:disqus’s comment. Which, does have a good point mind you.

  • daveintheuk

    @disqus_dHXDKZGT1l:disqus, @disqus_5baobAaHsY:disqus is correct about the sentiment of my comment, it was about protectionism… However you are also kind of right, I do hate what Google has become… they used to be a company who did things they believed in – now they have become a slave to their shareholders, constantly pushed to grow and increase profits (if that is by minimising tax, or by pushing their own or advantages results over others).

  • fakebuck

    Every country should protect it’s own interests. America is a great example of this.

  • http://karmaeconomics.blogspot.com/ lavista4u

    The government do not need any tax from you. Its a grand old propaganda myth. Government already has unlimited supply of fiat money, thats why they call it central banks of the world, which is not backed by any hard assets like Gold.

    They print money as they wish it, why do you think US had budget deficit, fiscal cliff, QE3 etc etc…Its just the after effects of unlimited money printing.

    Taxes are created to make your life miserable and to give you an illusion that your money matters for the world economy while its just a tiny bit of drop in the ocean of unlimited money printing