• Pat Grady

    If these stats are just for Display ads, as I assume they are, it should be said with higher clarity for the readers.  Perhaps in the title as well.

  • Pat Grady

    “The key takeaway for advertisers is that screen size and tablet type
    plays a large role in the expected click through rate on your ads.”
    In my experience, the ad size is a much larger factor – but given the proliferation of sizes, I’m wondering if a statistic like “ad size to screen size ratio” would make more analytical sense.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PLXUKYKCORYVZESRQISAPBIVH4 Ranju Ghale

    iam wondering this
     iPad lead the 9.7″ tablet category to a 1.02% click through rate. but 
    iPad made up over 90% of Chitika’s tablet traffic data in their ad network, so they decided to break out the data with and without iPad.

  • Sumit Kumar

    Really Impressive.