• John Bennard

    looks cool, for discovering cool apps i use 148apps.com, appstoreHQ.com and Appsfire.com (this last one is really cool!)

  • richr

    The iPhone app search site http://www.appexplorer.com/ is a more search-centered site, although it also offers things like new app and price change alerts, and has some interesting app store statistics on its ‘App Stats’ pages.

  • ComboApp

    It’s a beautiful service! Kudos to Ben, btw I truly love the other project he was involved, which is AardVark and I’m an active user of that service. Well, here is the thing – after reading articles on various sites about Apple will might build its own Search Engine for its apps I thought “Wait a minute – why can’t we provide a sophisticated iTunes App Store service? After all we have Google Custom Search engine in hand — why not to use it for this purpose?!” And so we did – https://www.comboapp.com/marketing/search! Yep, it doesn’t have a community component or should I say “yet”.