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    Hi Barry, Thank you for this nice post. What I like about this is that you included the pros and cons. I will surely talk about this on my blog. (http://www.decentreview.com/blog)

  • hyderali

    Thanks barry,

    Your post is similar to me – In house SEO employee. I was one of the employee in SEO company but due to some reason that company got shut down and in search of job I landed in B2B company working alone handling all the in house website work.

    In starting I struggle a lot because I was a kind of more of beginner and less of intermediate but anyhow i tried to manage and done the work. But later on after completing 3 months in the company I got selected in other company wanted to join that company coz it was B2C company & I was keen to work over there but here in my b2b company my ceo raise my pay and as everyone loves to work for money i continued my session over here but as my pay increase my workload also. Now i’m managing seo & ppc agency which our company hired.

    Please write some post about how to manage an agency? I want to know as I’m a beginner in this your post will help me a lot.


  • hyderali

    Thanks barry for this gr8 post..

    I’m also working in b2b company as a In house seo employee from last 4 months face struggle in starting but anyhow done the work properly. We also hired agency for seo and ppc and its my work to manage them.

    I’ve 3yrs experience in both seo and ppc but in b2c company. So checking my luck in this b2b company if prove worthful then will be here otherwise i’ll try in other but b2c company.

    I’ll be pleased if you write some post about how to manage seo and ppc agency.


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