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    The Stigma of Click Fraud and Why You Should Eradicate It
    The stigma of Click Fraud has become damaging to Internet Marketing. The truth is that advertisers are willing that the Internet Visitors click on their ads for any purpose. These clicks have powerful eBranding effects and other advantages even if visitors do not need the products being advertised at that particular time of visit. However, the scare of click fraud in the mind of the Internet visitor and not knowing what click fraud really is has had deep damaging effects. In stigmatic ways, now visitors believe if they click and don’t buy, they have committed fraud. This is the most damaging to the Internet Marketing and eMarketing strategies on the Internet as any past short-sightedness thinking. Remember the early times when people were afraid of Electric Poles in their neighborhood? What happened? Who really benefited? Not the electric companies, but the people.

    I strongly agree with Google that Click Fraud, in terms of the huge magnitude it is projected now, does not exist. Google and Yahoo have developed powerful detection methods that either do not count the extra clicks as click fraud or they totally discount the clicks. Those who are trying to make a big deal out of this issue are either just plain stupid or jealous to Google and Yahoo success. If you ask me, these are the people who have committed click fraud in the past and now are angry that Google and Yahoo have terminated their accounts.