• http://www.geneeugenio.com Gene Eugenio

    One way to improve your chances of getting Tier 1 sites to approve your content submissions is to develop a rapport with editors over Twitter or Google Plus. Lay the ground work by participating in the right communities first.

  • Chris Crum

    I have to wonder how Google’s recent moves will impact sites even accepting guest posts.

  • Chris Gedge

    Pointless when they all start nofollowing.

  • http://receivetipstricks.com/ mrinal

    But is this worth the time, because as you said we will have to be patient and it might take a lot of time to get into tier 1. This might lead to less time for your own site resulting in less visitors and revenue

  • http://www.hushes.com/ Cheryl

    I doubt guest posting is something I will ever do. Though I did enjoy the article if only to re-think my space in terms of tiers. I don’t believe such a thing exists within the audio-text business. Yet, it is something to keep in mind.

  • Dave

    @mattcutts When is #SEL going to be penalized for guest blogging?

  • https://plus.google.com/+DannyPardoe/posts Danny Pardoe

    Just build your brand and be natural. I am currently building my own Portfolio and I am going to do it without back links and try to build my brand and watch how it all turns out. Going to take sometime though eh? :)

  • http://www.webdesignandcompany.com/ David Kley

    So will this be a part of Google’s cracking down on guest blogging? I doubt it will have a huge effect on the tier 1 sites, as they are already viewed as an authority, but what about the tier 2 and 3 sites you spoke of?

    Also, once you are able to achieve the tier 1 status, what is a good place for getting links that are “followed?”