• http://blog.outer-court.com Philipp Lenssen

    Nice tips. Right now what confuses me the most is…

    – that I don’t see the text of posts here become highlighted when I select them, e.g. for citations to add to my comment. Try it in Firefox 2, the selected text will just turn from black to a very dark blue, barely noticeable.
    – that I am always prompted for my blog’s URL when I want to comment, even though I’m signed in with TypeKey here (which is fine for me by the way). I’m pretty sure I did hit “remember me”, though I could be wrong.

    And yes, the ability to edit comments shortly after commenting (like, 90 seconds, or whatever e.g. Digg allows) would be very neat. I guess it goes along with an Ajax-interface though that might not be strictly necessary…

  • Philipp Lenssen

    (So yeah, it forgets my URL even when I choose “remember me”.)

    One more thing: you might wanna include a link to the SixApart.com formatting rules page right next to every comment box, handy for newcomers…

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    You might want to put a summary of this on the page for comments, especially the link style points. I know I find it a hassle in terms different systems to deal with the various commenting system rules regarding whether I can put a link, put anchortext instead of the URL, whether or not a text URL will be autolinked, etc.

  • Jen Keller

    Can you alternate the background colors for each of the comment posts? Or do something to more visually separate them? Every comment has a white background now and when you scan them (looking for the names you respect or know), it’s hard see the “visual breaks”. See Matt Cutt’s comments as an example. I’m anticipating Search Engine Land will be approaching Matt’s comment volume in the near future :)

  • fauxnominal

    Hi Danny,

    I think requiring registration is ultra-lame.

    “I also know registration is the absolute best way to keep comment spam under control”

    Sure it is! If by “best” you mean “easiest to implement”.

    If you actually meant “best” in the correct sense of the world then you’re smoking something funny.

    We, the web users of the world, have far too many accounts everywhere and you just made me go sign up for another one.

    I don’t care about the fact that it can be used elsewhere (in fact I object, strongly, on privacy grounds).

    I do care about the fact that I want to respond quickly and efficiently to an interesting post of yours, and suddenly I have to open a new window, decide on yet another username and (low-importance) password, I have to fill in my first-name, my last-name, my Email Address, my One-Line Bio, my Weblog/Website, my Sites I enjoy, and a bloody Photo Url.

    Maybe I just wanted to say “Great post, dude”, or perhaps I was going to provide a thoughtful, considered analysis.

    But I don’t want another *&£$ing registration form.

    Hopefully this comment meets your “respectful and politeness” requirements, I’ve endeavoured to hold to them while expressing my absolute distain for the idea.

  • http://www.bladam.com/ Adam

    Personally, I don’t mind centralized (and reasonably trustworthy) authentication schemes such as TypeKey or Blogger or whatever. But I do think you could do just fine with Akismet; takes the burden off your users and wouldn’t create substantively more work for you.

    One feature I’d love to see in your comments is the ability for commenters to be notified by e-mail (or via RSS) either when people reply to *their* comments (threaded) or when anyone comments in the same thread.

  • http://andybeard.eu/ AndyBeard

    I am signed up with Typekey, but they are very bad at remembering who I am

    Can I add email notification of comments.

    Not everyone is using CoComment (I am not sure if there is anything similar)

    General comment feeds for me have never worked well, and RSS readers can become overwhelming enough as it is.

    If it was technically possible to provide a feed only to threads I have made a comment in, that would be ideal.

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