• http://www.esocialmedia.com Jerry Nordstrom

    When I want to get down to some serious Web Dev or online marketing I clean up my office, organize all my papers, Turn on some tunes, clear off the whiteboard and tuck in tight to my PC and ridiculously large HD screen. I feel ready and raring to go after it. Why, because I have set up my work environment perfectly for how I perform best for these kinds of tasks.

    I love to consume information. When I need to read up on a topic via a blog the last place I want to do it is on a mobile phone. Rarely, if ever is a mobile situation the right time, place or screen size for me to focus on consuming and using mobile blog content.

    I’m confident many enjoy reading blogs on a tiny cell phone, and feel that they are being productive by squeezing in a bit of extra reading while waiting for their Latte to be brewed. And I’ve done it too, but honestly the quality of the experience is poor, retention light and utilization of the information lacking.

    So, perhaps there is a reason that the company with the world’s best selling mobile devices, who has billions of dollars to invest in anything they want, does not have a mobile blog…I don’t think it is because they overlooked the issue.

  • http://twitter.com/SEM_Freak Geoff Andrews

    Is this not the classic case of IT being tasked with Digital Marketing activity? Had that everywhere I go. And everytime I deliver, get noticed and increased remit in my role; it happens again – the IT argument. Got one on Tuesday…
    Never, ever, let IT get involved in Internet marketing. If you do, the above happens..

  • http://www.frompo.com/ DONALD TAYLOR

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