• http://www.weboptimist.com WebOptimist

    Judging from my experience with IE7, I can see why it hasn’t helped Microsoft. IE7 crashes on me several times a day. I find myself using Firefox more and more since the “upgrade” to IE7.

    Unfortunately, there are still some clueless web sites out there that won’t work in Firefox.

    Of course, the whole “Live” campaign has been a disaster as well.

  • http://www.14thc.com rmccarley

    I know this is about “networks” but as SEOs defining a difference between AOL and Google is silly. Google powers AOL and in the realm of SEO counting them as seperate may be a mistake. Rank well in Google to get both.

  • DesignGrrl

    Looks like Ask.com is planning on big growth, having signed a $6 mil lease for more office space in Oakland thru 2015.