• donthe

    All my sites have large drops in traffic starting on the Wendsday because Thursday was the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend. Most had returned to normal traffic by the following Monday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scubagary Gary R Beal

    I didn’t see any changes until this morning. I am in Malta but searching on a US IP on Google US. Potentially its wake.

  • BL Healthcare

    Late news. This was already reported by related-contents

  • Dan

    i’ve been badly affected. My site is a news (oddities, bizarre, humor) site and my visits have been cut by half! I dont’ copy/paste, I search for videos and videos for my posts but the big G has thrown me to the second and third page results! thanks God is Facebook and now most of my visits come from there… too bad G oogle is doing this to us.

  • http://www.bestbinocularsreviews.com/ Best Binocular Reviews

    It is interesting as everyone who comments here sees a refresh as a bad thing and a drop in rankings – surely for every drop in ranking someone must be rising – so a refresh could be good news for you.

  • http://electmedia.com/seo-albuquerque/ ElectMedia

    Nice, only if every update was like that.

  • http://www.moviein3d.net/ Caitlin Roberts

    When someone loses traffic others win it, people simply don’t vanish from the Internet. I guess that is why my site traffic just shoot up,thanks Google.

  • http://twitter.com/SEOInspection SEO Inspection

    It’s a silly statistic to quote. Those could be very high traffic queries. Google should state the percent position changes from the 1.1% of queries. That’s the effect.

  • bruce

    it badly affected many of the sites, most of them lost their rankings and traffic and some of them gained traffic and ranking.

  • http://www.shinegoldtoursindia.com/ Sarah Jones

    One of my site also got affected by this update, but now I have figured it out what’s the issue and how to get it back in rankings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gadget4karthik Karthik Raja

    http://www.thevaluestore.in runns normally !!