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    Fantastic article, George. It’s nice to see someone write about what ecommerce website owners should be doing. Far too many articles seem to focus on service oriented businesses or blogs. Great ideas!

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    Things like showing related blog post or article near by the product information, is great idea but it will be better if we promote that blog and interest visitors who really want to buy product will definitively click on the product shared on that post.

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    “place snippets of articles that can help shoppers making buying
    decisions on the product pages or product category pages with links to
    the full article.”

    I think that’s a great idea. It keeps the shopper engaged, while providing useful information when they need it. You wrote the content, why not get as much value from it as possible.

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    In an E-commerce Website there is continuous need of unique content as well as web design that amuse the visitor. The ideas shown here are really realistic as well helpful to build the perfect website for eCommerce.

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    Thanks for these tips.  I am starting an ecommerce site and adding my own product descriptions is a great idea.  A little more time, but most products I have will be on site for years.  Using my own product descriptions is like an investment in my business

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    The customer equation for an Online Store seems to be the least content intensive, with online proprietors being satisfied with manufacturer stock photos of products. High converting online stores, however, take pains to help the visitor “touch and taste” their wares. These are some great ideas on how to generate content.

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    Great, thank you!