• http://www.localguerrillamarketing.com/darrenhurley/lgm/videomarketing.html Darren Hurley

    Exceptionally good info!
    Always good to have a plan B or C
    Thank You Julie!
    Just remember that video trumps all in the SEO realm…
    Darren Hurley

  • http://www.carbuyingtips.com Jeff Ostroff

    The problem with trying to get traffic from other search engines is this: We got hit hard on Panda 19, still don’t know if we corrected the problem because Google says it can take over a year for algorithms to absorb and reflect the improvements.

    We still rank quite well in Bing, but it does you no good when they only have about 15% of the search market. It now becomes a huge surmountable task to work the Social Media outlets to reel extra people into your funnel, and spend years building a brand name for yourself.

    We have found that word of mouth and repeat visitors are the best form of quality traffic, even though it’s low compared to Google where we previously enjoyed top 10 for all our keywords.

    My advice: Tap your existing customers, and ask them to share on their social profiles how happy they were with your product or service. It’s a slow but steady lifeboat until the big G favors you once again.

  • Openuris

    I absolutely agree with the message but execution is another story. This is obviously a very generalized list of suggestions.

    I doubt that most businesses have the immediate capability to transfer a significant portion of their income generation to non web sources. Most will also find their money goes much further advertising PPC and SEO than traditional mediums especially when you look at the costs of newspaper, magazine, and billboard ads. These can be thousands per month or even per issue with a fraction of the ROI of an online campaign.

    My biggest thorn though is with social meetups which are a better way to get sold something than to actually do any meaningful networking. They’re so saturated with salespeople it’s no longer about meeting other business owners. Most of the people I come across at them have no decision making ability, they’re just company sales-persons, and the ones that are actual owners attend their first session and don’t come back because it’s like a gauntlet of sales pressure.

  • juliejoyce

    It’s absolutely very generalized and you raise some very good points, especially with regards to getting a good ROI with PPC. I’m coming at it from a links perspective in case you become penalized through what you’ve done on link building of course, but I certainly don’t think it’s an easy thing to do. As much as we fuss about Google, when things are going well there, it’s hard to beat.

  • juliejoyce

    “Tap your existing customers, and ask them to share on their social profiles how happy they were with your product or service.” –> brilliant advice!

  • http://www.clickbasics.com Paul Carter

    I vote for offline efforts. The majority of my clients have come from local print ads, professional groups, networking meetings, and workshops that I have run. No question, though, that these are time consuming. I find, however that much of the follow-up contact comes via LinkedIn and Facebook. People like to connect an online presence with someone they’ve met in person.