• http://www.ivantemelkov.com Ivan Temelkov

    Some excellent pointers here.  After having worked in the SEO field for a lengthy period of time there’s a few things that I talk about when it comes to organic exposure with any employer or client.  The fluff your brand may carry or project across will eventually be exposed.  Be upfront and direct about service or product offerings.  Avoid black hat strategies unless you want to purposely get punched by Google.  Monitor, analyze, optimize and repeat.

    The Google Panda updates brought forth a hail storm that took everyone by surprise.  It was a harsh punch in the face that took lots of small business owners off the grid.  Simply put, it’s imperative that SEO becomes a necessity for any internet marketing plan due to its long-term benefit, lead generation potential and overall visibility of your brand to say the least.

    Great post.  Really enjoyed it and will come back for more.

  • Stuart Thomas


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