• http://twitter.com/NatalieKelsick Natalie Kelsick

    Very interesting! I personally never heard of DDG until I read this and I started out quite sceptical that anything could beat out Google. You may be onto something, but I wont be switching any time soon; I think Google has something else up its sleeve and that is loyalty. I think it will be quite a while before it gives up the fight. 

  • hawkingsonstheorists

    Loyalty is a horrible reason to stick with a service ;-) No, I think the word you’re looking for is “habit”.

  • Uh_No_999

    As usual, when someone is slamming Google’s results they have to fudge the data. That is an inaccurate description of what comes up for “Mets schedule.” typing that keyword shows upto their next 10 games prominently at the top.

    But then again if you used the correct data, it would ruin the point of your article

  • http://webdealswatch.com/ Ron Coachman

    Not sure about the name, but looks like DDG has potential.

  • http://twitter.com/Nathan_Safran Nathan_Safran

    Nothing was fudged.  At the time this article was written, ~ 2 weeks ago, the SERP was as displayed in the article.  Looking at the SERP today it seems Google added the full schedule in the SERP.

  • http://www.fullcolorpanda.com/ mizu shobai

    I like that they have an .onion version. To my knowledge the only search engine that does. Well, not too many sites to index there, though.

  • http://twitter.com/steviephil Steve Morgan

    A couple of weeks ago, I was struggling to find something in Google, so I tried the same search query in DDG and Bing as well. I found DDG’s results to be more reflective of what I was looking for (pretty much spot on), followed by Google (hit and miss), then Bing (pretty poor).

    That said, I’ve tried something else since and Google was better, so I’m not fully converted yet. But, if Google slips and DDG’s offering improves, who knows…

  • http://twitter.com/ShaneGowland Shane Gowland

    DDG’s results are almost entirely sourced from the other engines. They can never “win” since they don’t actually index much data on their own. If Bing & Google stopped allowing them to use their index, it would take DDG several decades to build equivalent indexing infrastructure.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=747540456 Mike L

    Great article.  It looks like Duck Duck Go is really making a push to be the alternative to Google.

    I noticed that the searches weren’t geo-modified.  With so much attention being focused on local, how do you anticipate DDG will strategize to bring local results into their SERP? 

  • http://www.graphicdesignfield.com/ Steveo

    Wow. I just did a search in DDG now and saw all my sites at #1 positions where they use to be originally in Google a while back. *sigh, the good old days making great $$ with natural search

  • http://twitter.com/DmitryDi Dmitry

    спасибо,работать  будем

  • Uh_No_999

    Ok well if we are going to argue based on anecdotal evidence then I am going to anecdotally assert that Google has had team schedule data for years. Which is true. You should probably correct the article to reflect what is actually happening in the SERPs.

    DuckDuckGos success is pretty much totally related to the strange outroar over Google’s privacy policy. The only reason I call it strange, is because anyone who had been using Google services and actually read the TOS should have been aware of how their data was available to Google. There was nothing about the privacy change itself persay that should have caused the uproar.

    But obviously there is a bit of a built-in fear in people (probably justified) as people realize there is a price to pay for all these free services we are using and just how much data Google, FB etc. have on us. Of course there is a ton of FUD out there.

    Good marketing enabled DuckDuckGo to capitalize on people who were looking for an alternative. I respect them for promising privacy, although I still wonder if that data isn’t stored somewhere. But to argue they are actually building a better search engine than Google is taking it too far. As the author has proven, even finding three or four examples out of potentially billions of queries is incredibly difficult.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lionel-Rizky/100003781846299 Lionel Rizky

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  • Takeshi Young

    Too bad they have such a stupid name.  I’m personally a fan of Blekko, myself.

  • http://twitter.com/SeanDillonSmith Sean Smith

    I would be willing to argue that DDG has more “loyalty” to its users than Google as well. DDG is constantly thinking about user’s privacy etc. Google is currently thinking about what they can do to conquer new areas of the web. Social was a huge mistake in my opinion for Google, that is a frontier that in all honesty already has a firm grasp from Facebook and Twitter, you could say that not competing against the two would be ill advised, but I would say that it is much more ill advised to put out an unfinished product like Google+, make the posts from it take position over Twitter posts, and then de-index most Twitter posts altogether and shatter all relations that were previously intact with Twitter. Twitter has over 500 million users, while Google+ has a little over 100 million. This may seem like Google is already doing well with Google+, but take into account that most of these people already had gmail accounts etc. to use the rest of Google’s apps thus when Google+ was released it got a massive swing of users, that honestly don’t really use. I personally don’t believe the direction Google took was correct, they lost (or are losing) focus on what has made them so great. That loss of focus is what Nathan is speaking of in this post, the focus that Google is clouding up with Google+, Google Drive etc. is being picked up by DDG. Google should have kept relations with Twitter instead of spreading itself thin with its own social network and instead created a better way of presenting and processing tweets in SERPs, something that DDG is picking up on and realized well. Google is trying to be the jack of all trades and if they are not careful will become the master of none. I believe Google+ was a mistake in the way that it is currently handled as basically a standalone social network, if they handled it better in correlation the rest of their services it could instead be a great benefit to them. This is all coming from a SEO that honestly loves Google and uses / optimizes for it everyday, because at the end of the day they are the Goliath, I am just wondering if David is going to eventually knock them down.

  • http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/ Brian Kelly

    A couple of weeks ago it was Blekko trafiic going through the roof and now it’s DuckDuckGo. As I described in a post on “Is Blekko’s Traffic Really Going Through The Roof? Will It Challenge Google?” at http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/is-blekkos-traffic-really-going-through-the-roof-will-it-challenge-google/  it’s easy to show a sharp increase if you are starting from a low baseline. 
    A more accurate picture – but less interesting – story can be seen if you include the market leader.

  • http://twitter.com/omfg_followme John Scott Cothill ☭

    While these guys position themselves as privacy-friendly, I’ll be
    sticking to Google for now as they position themselves with RELEVANCE.
    Good job on jumping on the privacy bandwagon though!

    Oh by the way, I base my comment on using it and comparing my own results. For me, it doesn’t seem to be all that.

    Here today, gone tomorrow. Sorry, but this is complete dog s**t and quite laughable to say the least!

    NEXT bandwagon, where are youuuuuuuuu?

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  • http://www.ridleylawoffices.com/ Eric Ridley

    The problem DDG and others are going to face is simple inertia – no one wants to change, even if the change may be better for them. Google owns the space, and changing behavior is daunting.

  • http://alphaefficiency.com Bojan Djordjevic

    Started using it, and I like it!

  • http://twitter.com/axcdnt Gustavo Freitas

    I was looking for an alternative, since I’m ready to live free from search engines and train my memory by looking for terms directly inside pages. Nowadays I was using Google only for mid terms those I had no idea where to find.
    An example is: Why should I look for technical inquiries/problems if StackOverflow is a specialized technical community? This exercise has make my mind better and keep improving it! Try it to!

  • Mikhail Tuknov

    I don’t think this news SE is a big threat to google. Google has so much cash, it can simply destroy any upcoming start up. Buy it’s technology and use it for its own purpose. It’s not excite or altavista times now. The new search engines are simply wishing for google to pay attention to them. There are about 3000 search engines worldwide and where are they are? Not even Microsoft can truly compete with google.

  • ike karj

    ddg.gg is accessible from torland, but it only indexes the open web, it doesn’t index torland….. there are a few search engines within torland, most of them I believe are based on YaCi, a p2p based search engine/index/spider.