• Jake Goldblum

    honestly- screw you search engine land- what a piece of ___. Google has been going big brands for the last 6 months and putting small businesses at risk. What a fluff piece

  • Neil Forrest

    Scenario: You state that exact match domain names will count for very little in the SERPs, but then continue to let them rank very well, despite an absence of geniune content, appalling bounce rates and the being riddled with low grade banner advertising.

    Do you apologise to webmasters who are committed to providing a good content driven service, and make good on your claims? or just shuffle on with your hands in your pockets whistling the theme tune to Seinfeld…

  • bees1844

    I felt I could answer those questions pretty easily. Take the first example: presumably the woman’s intention was to share it with a particular group of friends, and she just happened to use the internet as the medium to do this.

    When she died and the piece became linked to, it ranked highly – far, far higher than the woman had intended, and so her message became shared with a far bigger group than she had initially intended.

    In that case, pull it from the index.