• http://www.highrankings.com/seo-services Jill Whalen

    How about taking a picture of the painting and adding it to this article and linking to the artist’s website. You’ve done a good job of getting us excited about it and invoking emotions.

    Now we want to see it!

  • maxh

    Some interesting points in here, but widely intangible to your average internet grunt.

    What i’m saying is that without evidence to back-up what you’re saying it makes it quite easy to dismiss this entire article as woo-woo and useless. (No offence but that was my first reaction)

    Giving a couple of examples of “crappy site” vs. “empathetic site that details the end-users aura and creates an emotional response” Would give this article the credibility it so desperately requires.

    Also for people who don’t know or understand what an aura is, or how certain colours, images, design features, expressions on faces etc etc etc go towards influencing a person (usually subconsciously) it gives the reader something to hang onto!

    I’m sure your work must be good, otherwise you wouldn’t be on search-engine-land but as it stands this article is lacking.

  • Kim Krause Berg

    @Jill, I debated about linking to his site because I didn’t want to look like the point of the article was to sell his work. But for those who are interested, here you go:
    http://nathandistefanoart.com/ The painting…I’ll take a pic of it and use it somewhere. I kinda wanted to hold onto it for me for a bit :)

    @average, I didn’t want the article to run on forever. I assumed that most people know what an aura is, as well as that colors leave different impressions or mean different things, like red for stop signs. The article was not written as a beginner piece. It’s about the field of captology, written in non-tech language.

    For your research and information, look into the fields of persuasive design, captology, and neuromarketing. Search on color and web design. The usability industry has many organizations and research branches that study human computer behavior.

    I can take another stab at this topic to provide you with something tangible and not whoo-woo.