• http://www.avalancheinternetmarketing.com dangerlarson

    I’d love to have management/clients asking my I’m not innovative enough. My experiences have been more along the lines of pulling teeth…

    Hey, you mention, “there is a great service that rotates 800 numbers to facilitate tracking.” don’t leave us hanging – how about a name?

  • Stephanie

    There is a call tracking solution that I recommend to all of my clients. The website is http://www.whoscalling.com.

  • http://www.adapt.com Erica Forrette

    I know there has been a fair amount of surveys/research that shows how offline marketing & promotions influences online searcher behavior – if I recall correctly, this has mostly been in the consumer realm. Any research or input about what is behavior like for b2b products & services?

    I found this suggestion particularly valuable: to track offline conversions back to the message & venue that referred them, then apply similar messaging in your search campaigns. It’s kind of like reverse message-testing!

    I look forward to your future articles in this column.

    p.s. another call-tracking service you should check out is Clickpath. Cheers!