• http://twitter.com/SearchQuant Chris Zaharias

    Ad copy optimization doesn’t get the focus it deserves, despite being one of the three primary ways to succeed in SEM (bidding/campaign mgmt & landing page optmization being the other two IMHO). Good work bringing more attention to this area!

  • Thib NI

    It is true that ad copy optimization is often overlooked or put back in the waiting list.However, I have found that it is now almost impossible to properly test ad copy in Google Adwords. 
    In most cases, even if the campaign settings are properly set to “rotate evenly”, one BIG metric does not rotate evenly : the average ad position. It can vary greatly between different ad copies, and renders an analysis of CTR quite useless.

    I would actually love to see a post about this on SEL. Anyone ? :)

  • http://twitter.com/carnegiecrow Carnegie Crow

    I don’t see any “advanced” search marketing here. All I read was “make sure you test properly”.