• Asim Ahmed

    Hey Great post Julie, another suggestion that has worked real well for me and my clients was creating a free white paper give away and contacting other niche related websites and email lists to offer the whitepaper for free. Free PDF reports have a high intrinsic value, and people generally look at them as if they were a book they got for free. It has worked well in certain niches and generated a ton of traffic which resulted in many links.

  • Julie Joyce

    Hi Asim,

    Thanks for that…great idea!

  • http://www.intentionalconsciousparenting.com Carol Lawrence

    Excellent article! I actually learned some new tips. Thank you!

  • E.S.

    Great article!!! One other thing I would add is that when we write a blog post (for guest blogging or for our own website), what we do is, we join to a group that talk about a particular topic on LinkedIn and post the link of the post to start a new discussion. This generates traffic to the website, gives a free link and if it is a quality content, it has the potential to get others talk about us or the topic of the post while generating more free links to the website.

  • Julie Joyce

    Hi EustonSEO…excellent tip! Thank you!

  • Kevin Elwell

    Only thing I’d add to that list is sign up for google adwords and the newsletters google sends out relating to adwords. I’ve been getting about 50 dollars of free adwords credit a month for the past couple months. Really helps your exposure, and of course… free!

  • Julie Joyce

    Thanks Kevin!

  • http://www.ayahanda.net Muhamad Abdul Hay

    Great article! I am new to internet marketing / business.
    One way I want to add is to get active in online forum.

    Got to know a lot of new websites from from write-up. Thanks!