• David Lewis

    Could I add a couple of other SEO metrics that we now have the technology to trace and measure. “MTECH Percentage” being the number of unique fist time visitors that arrive at a particular URL via a mobile device. Measure this distinctly as, although the direct revenue might be a little lower, it’s been shown that “first contact” is increasingly via these devices. To counter that, as a business it’s normally worth factoring in “YOY SKU Variations” as new services, products or pricing structures can really mess up the statistics year over year. As a business evolves there is a risk in drawing conclusions and making business decisions based on these KPI’s when in fact the underlying product and pricing structure underneath is the real reason for much of the change.
    A great fall out of measuring these and deriving great metrics for performance is that data like this.

    …will drop out of the discussion. In simple terms, the idea that even SERP positional results, for so long the “holy grail” metric is so variable in terms of bankability and has so many causal factors between it and success and failure.

  • Remi Turcotte

    …”corrected for “not provided”** …” I wonder how you get around this one. It’s hard to get to a mature stage in this industry when Google wants SEO budgets to be switched to PPC..