Google & Korea Daum In Content & Ad Partnership Talks

Google, Korea Daum in talks on YouTube, ad deals from MarketWatch reports that Google is in partnership discussions with Daum. Eric Schmidt of Google and Seok Jong-Hun of Daum are planning on meeting tomorrow to discuss Google providing Daum will access to all of YouTube's content on their portal. And Daum to allow Google to use them as a "channel for its online advertising," says the MarketWatch report. [...]

Yahoo Testing Linking To Non-Yahoo Properties On Home Page

Yahoo Experiments With Non-Yahoo Links On Home Page from Techcrunch reports that Yahoo is testing linking to non-Yahoo properties directly from their home page. Typically, the only non-Yahoo links from their home page are the advertisements. On May 24th, Yahoo linked to this Crunchgear article directly in the "Featured" news box at the top middle portion of the Yahoo home page. Yahoo told Techcrunch they are testing this out to see if Yahoo portal users will find the Yahoo home page more the relevant. Michael Arrington explained that Yahoo "will analyze the data and feedback from the test t [...]

SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 25, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web: From Search Engine Land: Everyone Fears Google (Again) & Will The Last Googler To Leave Turn The Lights Out? Back at the beginning of this year, my 14 "Is Google Evil?" Tipping Points Since 2001 covered the history of how Google has been deemed to be too Big Brotherish or too dominant over the years. Another wave of Google hatred and fear is washing across the great sea... Search In Pictures: Google Recruiter, Google Babies, Grady Booch & New Search Construction [...]

Everyone Fears Google (Again) & Will The Last Googler To Leave Turn The Lights Out?

Back at the beginning of this year, my 14 "Is Google Evil?" Tipping Points Since 2001 covered the history of how Google has been deemed to be too Big Brotherish or too dominant over the years. Another wave of Google hatred and fear is washing across the great sea of Blog. Here's a look at what's afloat: FeedBurner Sparks Things Up TechCrunch: Google Is Buying FeedBurner covers TechCrunch getting confirmation that Google is to buy FeedBurner. That seems to have sparked off the latest wave of "too much, too much!" Just skim some of the headlines of related discussion on [...]

Search In Pictures: Google Recruiter, Google Babies, Grady Booch & New Search Construction

In this week's Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more. Outside of building 43 of the GooglePlex is Google's new organic garden. Google is not only putting up gardens, here is the construction site for Google's downtown Bellevue building. Oh, and they just put up the Google sign at the Ann Arbor office. While Google is putting up buildings, it appears that Yahoo employees are jumping off them? Nah, all they are doing t [...]

Google Registers Signs Of New Google PC Coming?

Gary Price notes, as does Garett Rogers at Googling Google, that Google now owns the domain Garett speculates that Google may be thinking about building and selling personal computers that are green friendly, i.e. are climate and earth savers. We know Google has been active in environmental issues, though it has repeatedly stated to have no plans to sell hardware. [...]

MyBlogLog Brands All Social Media Optimizers As Schmoes

So MyBlogLog has tagging. Yawn. Then I saw Andy Beal highlighted this part of MyBlogLog's post about the new feature Spam - If you think someone is spamming you, tag it out loud! Internally, we like to call a user who games the system a SchMOe (Social Media Optimizer). Internally, you know, I like to call anyone who stereotypes an entire industry by the actions of a small number within it kind of stupid. Fair enough to ask anyone seeing MyBlogLog spam to tag that with the word spam. But calling an entire industry a bunch of spammers? Not smart, frankly, when some of those in that indust [...]

Yahoo Creates Home Values Meta Search

Zestimates from Zillow have proven to be a tremendous hit with the public, although they've been criticized for being too high or too low in some cases. Now Yahoo has taken Zillow's home valuation data (they've had a partnership for several months) and combined it with similar data from other providers, and, in a new and improved Home Values section of Yahoo Real Estate. Here's a provided example in Seattle, with valuations in the upper right. And here's the Yahoo Local & Maps blog post that explains the new functionality in further detail. [...]

Google Calendar Goes Mobile

Google has just launched a mobile version of Google Calendar, which is supposed to load for those visiting the Google Calendar site with a mobile phone. Google describes it more in a blog post today. It appears to work on a range of phones, including Windows Mobile. Via Search Engine Journal, Google Blogoscoped has posted some screenshots of the service in action. As I said on my blog: This is part of a larger, holistic push in mobile for Google that includes voice search/directory assistance (Goog411), WAP, applications and text messaging. Gmail is also available for mobile. Google Cale [...]

European Union Questions Google’s Data Retention Policy

Google may be violating EU privacy laws on user search data from Bloomberg reports that the European Union has finally sent Google an expected letter raising concerns over Google's data retention policies. The EU wants Google to explain why they must keep search data for two years. The main concern is that this data can be used to track back to individual people. Danny posted last month that this letter was likely to come and provides a little background about the issue, including how a rival EU policy requires data to be kept for a long period of time. EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frat [...]

Google AdSense Says Don’t Worry About Accidental Clicks, No One Will Notice

Accidents happen from the Google Inside AdSense blog today caught my eye. Apparently, lots of publishers accidentally click on their ads and write in to Google to say sorry. Don't worry, says Google, "chances are we've already detected your clicks on your ads and discounted them." Bull. Seriously, bull. Here's an example. Over on my personal blog Daggle, I have AdSense ads. If I accidentally click on one of those ads, how does Google know that it was me the blog owner that did that and thus automatically issues a credit? All Google knows about me is that I use British Telecom as m [...]

Facebook Opens Up Its ‘Platform’ To Everyone

"Facebook is the anti-MySpace" and "Facebook is a new type of "Web 2.0" portal" are some of the things that were and are being said yesterday and today about the social network's new "Facebook Platform" initiative. Basically there's no direct search angle here but it's an interesting and potentially important development. First, what is it exactly? Facebook has positioned itself to be a "platform" that third parties (content publishers, advertisers, individuals) can use to build applications within Facebook. What's the appeal? Basically exposure and potential adoption by Facebook's huge commu [...]

SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 24, 2007

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web: From Search Engine Land: Search Engine Land: Now With More Lands! Search Engine Land has gained new individual "Lands" today, guides to particular aspects of search and search marketing. You can reach these via the new "Land" buttons or tabs now at the top of each page in the site. In addition, you can now subscribe to any of our... How To Protect Your Domain Name True story: A small business owner, who was not a client, called me one day with a problem. Let's [...]

Google Maps Gains “Avoid Highways” Feature

Google has introduced a new "avoid highways" checkbox on Google Maps that provides alternative routing for those looking to, er, avoid highways. In 1982 Native-American author William Least Heat-Moon wrote a memoir called "Blue Highways" about a cross-country trip in which he traveled on minor roads, literally the blue (as opposed to red) highways. This is the Internet equivalent. Here's an example (Microsoft to Google): Highways version: Avoid highways version: From a daily use-case perspective, this is a minor, if interesting, innovation. But expect to see a flurry of map-related an [...]

Goog411 Raising Profile, Seeking Feedback

The Google Lat Long Blog promotes Google's free voice-based local search (free directory assistance) product: Goog411. The post also cites a new, related Google Group, similar to the Yahoo Suggestions Board, and a related, suggestions email address. Here's our original post on Goog411 from launch earlier this year. Google was very cautious and tentative about the positioning of the service when it launched. This suggests to me that it is getting positive feedback and seeing usage gains. [...]

Google Hot Trends, Yahoo Buzz Index: Tracking Tools For Traditional Marketing

Search Engine Journal compares Google's recently introduced "Hot Trends" database with the Yahoo Buzz Index. (Barry Schwartz wrote extensively about Hot Trends previously.) These tools, while fun and interesting, are also potentially important as business intelligence and data mining tools and increasingly useful to track the efficacy of offline marketing. Whatever their problems and challenges today, these tools will ultimately improve and become important to marketers as they coordinate "integrated" campaigns across traditional and Internet media. Yahoo has very self-consciously used its [...]

Inform To Power Site Search, Content Aggregation For Major Publishers

According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), "Inform Technologies LLC, which is based in New York, said 16 online publications plan to include its new search function. Among them are WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive's and Conde Nast's" Inform began life a couple of years ago as a consumer destination site and news aggregator. Failing to gain traction (partly because it was too complex), it more recently reinvented itself as a publisher site search and platform provider. The idea behind using Inform's technology is to provide better on-site sea [...]

The Search-Friendly Appeal Of User-Generated Content

Content comes in all types, lengths, and mediums. From an SEO point of view, we simply know that it's important—no, crucial—to add content on a regular basis to our web sites. The content we add must be of value to our potential buyers. But truthfully, "writing content" is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the search engine marketing process. I've been in the SEO industry for nine years, and I can honestly say that writing content is the part that most SEOs dread. Optimization isn't a problem. It's writing content that's the problem! One solution: User-generated c [...]

A Product Plan For ‘Google Health’?

From time to time in the past, Google's Adam Bosworth has posted on health-related questions. Many people have speculated that health would be a vertical to get special attention from Google. And there have thus been "Google Health" rumors for a long time. Yesterday Bosworth posted again and linked to notes from a speech he delivered at American Medical Association of Informatics conference. The post excerpts the high-level points from the speech about: * Discovery - Consumers should be able to discover the most relevant health information possible * Action - Consumers should have direct [...]

Google Launches ‘Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR)’

As promised at its "Searchology" event last week, Google has launched cross-language information retrieval (CLIR). It's now been added as a new feature to Google Translate and went live yesterday. As Chris Sherman previously wrote, Google is playing a bit of catch-up with this initiative; Yahoo has been doing this on a more limited basis since 2005. Regardless, it appears to be a useful service, chiefly for non-English speakers seeking information from English-language sites. As Google Engineering VP Udi Manber said, when he introduced the service last week, the goal is to open up the Web " [...]

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