How To Put The Facebook “Like” Button On A Site

Last month, Facebook dropped the news about their "Open Graph" or new Facebook Platform that brings content into Facebook  - and of course expands Facebook’s web reach out to a more granular level. Since the announcement, there have been two questions asked quite frequently: Should I put this on my website? How do I put this on my website? Luckily, this post will answer both of the above questions.  To question 1: unless you have content that isn’t interesting, isn’t social in nature or you have privacy concerns, adding this is new functionality to your original content is rec [...]

How To Target The Savvy European Youth Market

Europeans spend a lot of time on the web—half of all Europeans are regular users and 80% use a high speed connection. Thats nice, but every search marketer out there will tell you that you need to target specific groups. And one specific group of Europeans should be very interesting to search marketers: the youngsters. The so called "digital generation"—those growing up entirely in the digital era—are our future, and taking a good look at them might tell you what the future will look like. In Europe about 75% of youngsters under the age of 18 are using the web. Some co [...]

SPONSOR MESSAGE: PPC Mission Impossible

Attention, PPC Manager. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver timely client reports and increase ROI. Use Acquisio SEARCH to automate your campaigns, schedule your client reports, and set and track your KPIS. This banner ad will self destruct in 30 seconds if you don't click on it. Click here to accept your mission. [...]

SearchWeek: May 24, 2010

Search Week is an exclusive weekly newsletter for Search Engine Land premium members that recaps stories covered on Search Engine Land over the past week. Below are top stories organized by topic that happened over the past week. Each topic (or Search Engine Land column) is also a link, where you can click through and drill into the Search Engine Land members library to find other stories in that area. Because some stories are listed in more than one category, you may see them repeated. Top News Google May Finally Disclose AdSense Split ... If You're An Italian Newspaper, That I [...]

FAQ: Twitter’s New Rules On Third-Party Ads

Earlier today, Twitter posted new rules about how third party ad companies can insert ads into the Twitter "timeline" of tweets. Is this a death knell for those third party companies? Not necessarily, but it's sure a crimp in some of their plans. Below, what the new rules seem to ban and allow. The Background Battle Lines Being Drawn Over Twitter-Based Ads is our earlier news story that summarizes key points in the new rules, which you can read yourself here on the Twitter blog and in Twitter's API terms of service. The API is crucial in all this. The Twitter API (Application Program [...]

SearchCap: The Day In Search, May 24, 2010

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Battle Lines Being Drawn Over Twitter-based AdsA battle appears to be brewing over the promise of monetizing Twitter and, more specifically, over the placement of ads on the Twitter platform. In a lengthy blog post today, Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer, Dick Costolo, announced that the company will not allow third parties to place ads in the Twitter stream — something that [...] Bartz: “Google Is 90% Search, That’s A Fa [...]

Battle Lines Being Drawn Over Twitter-Based Ads

A battle appears to be brewing over the promise of monetizing Twitter and, more specifically, over the placement of ads on the Twitter platform. NOTE: See our follow-up post to this article, FAQ: Twitter’s New Rules On Third-Party Ads In a lengthy blog post today, Twitter's Chief Operating Officer, Dick Costolo, announced that the company will not allow third parties to place ads in the Twitter stream -- something that Twitter's own Promoted Tweets already does. It is critical that the core experience of real-time introductions and information is protected for the user and with an eye to [...]

Bartz: “Google Is 90% Search, That’s A Fact” – Except It’s Not

Mike Arrington just had a no-holds barred interview with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz at TechCrunch Disrupt. Bartz gave back as good as she got, at least in sound bites. As usual, I didn't find many of her statements convincing. A highlight was her saying "Google is 90% search. That's a fact." It's not. In particular, Bartz was referring to advertising revenue. And she's wrong. Let's go to Google's 2009 financials. Revenue is like this: Overall Revenue: 23.6 billion Ad Revenue: 22.9 billion - 97% Other Revenue: 0.7 billion - 3% Ads were responsible for 97% of all Google's revenue, even [...]

SMX Advanced London 2010 Live Blog Recap

Last week was SMX Advanced London and although I was not able to personally attend, there were plenty of live bloggers on attendance to give us the blow by blow. Below is the coverage we found of the show: 39 SMX London 2010 Recap Tweets from Day One, SEOptimise 8 tips to clean up your code - SMX Advanced London LIVE Blog, Blueclaw SEO Blog 97 Tips and 2 Quotes from SMX Advanced London, Attacat of Edinburgh A Guide to Getting into Google News : SMX Advanced London - Live Blog, Blueclaw SEO Blog Handy Tips From SMX London 2010 Day One, London SMX Advanced 2010 [...]

The Yahoo-Nokia Deal: Some Details & Perspective

Yahoo and Nokia made their anticipated partnership announcement this morning in New York. The public elements of the deal include the following: Nokia will be the exclusive, global provider of Yahoo!’s maps and navigation services, integrating Ovi Maps across Yahoo! properties, branded as "powered by Ovi." Yahoo! will become the exclusive, global provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services branded as "Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!" Nokia and Yahoo! plan to work on ID federation between their services, beginning by making it easy for people to use their Ovi user [...]

Google Finally Reveals How Much It Keeps From AdSense

The Google AdSense blog announced the exact revenue share they give publishers for placing AdSense ads on their web site. In the upcoming months, Google promised to show the revenue share within the AdSense interface reports. Google broke down the revenue share in two categories so far: (1) 68% revenue share for content ads, the ads you see on web sites. Meaning, publishers keep 68% of the revenue earned, while Google takes the rest. (2) 51% revenue share for search ads, the search ads you see for using Google search on your web site. Publishers get 51% and Google takes the rest. [...]

Search Biz: Google Vs. Viacom, Pakistan Vs. Facebook, Google Vs. US, Apple Vs. Google & The Russians Are Coming!

It's been a little while since we've done a Search Biz column. So it's time to dust off the old snark machine and get right into it. First up there's a very entertaining post on some new, unsealed records from the YouTube-Viacom litigation featuring a range of colorful expletives as both sides insult one another relentlessly. Here's a select excerpt: Viacom complains that YouTube employees "sneered at rights holders as 'copyright bastards' and 'a-holes.'" Google retorts that Viacom can't complain about this language, and it quotes numerous Viacom execs to make its point. Sample outbur [...]

Setting The Table For Restaurant SEO: Menus

Restaurants are some of the most-searched types of businesses in local. Because of this, Google and other search engines typically look for some specific content and signals for rankings, and for eateries, the number one type of content sought on websites is the menu. Menus are so important for restaurants that they should be optimized so that search engines may spider them and use their content beneficially for ranking. Here are some tips. In my article covering how Google's usability fixation can reveal local ranking factors, and in a recent local search marketing presentation for the DFW [...]

Google AdWords Adds Ad Extensions Tab

The Google AdWords blog announced they have added an ad extensions tab to campaigns with ad extensions as an option. Ad Extensions are features that can be added to your AdWords ads and include Ad Sitelinks, Product Extensions, Video Extensions, Location Extensions, Multiple Addresses for Location Extensions, and Click-to-Call Phone Extensions. To learn more about these ad extensions go here. To see the new ad extensions tab in your AdWords account, you must have enabled ad extensions in at least one campaign. Within this tab you can see the statistics for any of your campaign ad exten [...]

Everybody Deserves A Second Chance: Using Remarketing To Reach Abandoned Shoppers

Google allows you to serve an ad across its content network to a someone who has previously visited your website. This powerful "retargeting" capability allows you multiple opportunities to reach consumers who: Did not convert Converted Signed up for an email newsletter Abandoned a shopping cart Sign up for a trail subscription There are many ways of using remarketing to reach consumers across the content network who have a higher value to you than the average user. In this article I'll examine how to set up a remarketing campaign, and then give you some ideas for how to imp [...]

Google’s Push To Speed Up Your Web Site

Google continues to make a big push for improving your website download performance. Earlier in May Google's Maile Ohye posted a video on the Google Webmaster Central Blog on the case for speeding up your site, tools for helping you find speed related problems, and some specific speed optimization tips. Some of the more interesting data points from the video include: Shopzilla ran an A/B test comparing the impact of the download speed their pages had on conversion. They found that the faster pages delivered 7% to 12% more conversions than the slower pages. Firefox ran a similar test, [...]

I Want My GTV: Will Google TV Soar Or Sink?

Notwithstanding the glitches, the demo last week was impressive: the seamless blending of TV and web content, the beautiful UI, the smooth search and browse capabilities. Now, a few days after the heady discussion and CEO briefings at Google's I/O developer conference, we can reflect a bit on what the outlook might be for this ambitious new Google initiative. Is Google TV (GTV) another Orkut or will it turn out to be more like the software it's built on -- the increasingly successful Android platform. The specter of other failed or only modestly successful attempts to bring web and T [...]

Top 10 SEM Tips From SMX Advanced London 2010

Last week, SMX London graduated to SMX Advanced status. We in the UK eagerly anticipated the fresh new tips and tricks which are usually left until several beers later in the networking bars! And we certainly weren't disappointed. I thought it would be useful to share with Search Engine Land readers the top ten advanced search marketing tips which I gleaned from the show. Link building: Offer a student discount. Among Kelvin Newman's excellent 17 ways to build university and government links, the one I found most thought-provoking was for e-commerce sites to offer a student discount. Thi [...]

U.S. Newspapers Start Selling SEO

Your local newspaper may soon offer SEO services. Heck, maybe it already is. Two of the three biggest newspaper publishers in the U.S. have recently announced that they're selling marketing services to small/local businesses ... and those services include things like SEO, local search marketing, and more. Gannett Newspapers is the latest to hop on the SEO bandwagon. The nation's number one publisher recently opened GannettLocal, a small business marketing division based in Phoenix. The independent Gannett Blog recently quoted a memo written by GannettLocal chief Brad Robertson, who expla [...]

Google Pac-Man: The FAQ + Kill Screen Winners

Judging from the tweets I've seen, people are loving Google's version of Pac-Man that's playable on the Google home page today and tomorrow. They also have questions about it. Has anyone reached the end? Will you be able to play it in the future? Answers to these and more, below. Why's Google Doing This? To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, which is tomorrow. How long will it be up on the Google home page? Through 8am Pacific time, May 22. Is there a way to play after that date? Yes. Google's made a special page at Should the page location ever [...]

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