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    I agree that download time to a user and download time to a spider aren’t the same thing, and that there may not be an perfect proxy so that a spider can ‘see’ what a user sees in terms of page rendering. I also buy that people care more about information scent than how fast something shows up on their screen.

    But I think it’s pretty straightforward that if quality is more or less equivalent, users would prefer the option that they can access more speedily. And by all accounts, Google doesn’t seem to be implementing a ‘faster means better ranking’ aspect to their algorithm; they’re just moving towards ‘terribly slow means lower ranking.’ I think I could live happily with that both as a web user and as a web site optimizer, especially if load time is one minor factor among hundreds that determine rank.

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    I was wondering this exact thing, if the difference between load times or speed or whatever you want to call it has an affect on ranking. It is always good to see here on SEL that someone is always on top of the latest in the internet marketing industry