• http://omnitureconsultant.com Jeffrey James

    Nice catch re hreflang. Was the site set-up in WMT to target a particular country or not even configured?

  • Joby Antony

    Hi Chris,
    Can you please explain how hreflang cause duplicate issue? I am working with an international website with more than 10 million web pages and using hreflang. I am not able to understand how it can create duplicate issue.

  • http://uk.queryclick.com/ Chris Liversidge

    Not configured (only verified at root so no opportunity to localise correctly anyway). There was some meta hreflang info, but it was incomplete and, sadly, just plain wrong. It was also only on the homepage and 12 top level pages. So not exactly thorough!

  • http://uk.queryclick.com/ Chris Liversidge

    Quite simply: it creates duplication…when it’s not correctly implemented to the extent that it’s ignored by Google. That was the case here, so all the content intended for different countries was seen as just duplicate content with no localisation aspect at all.

  • Scott Davis

    This would be similar to having canonicals implemented incorrectly causing duplicate content.

  • http://www.TheeDesign.com/ TheeDesign Studio

    Wow. Lots of problems but great catches. Duplication always seems to be an issue but that is duplication on a massive scale.