• Matt McGee

    William, you have now posted this same exact comment about 5-6 times in the past 24 hours. Please stop. If you continue to repost the same comment on all of our articles, we’ll remove your ability to post here. Please be considerate of other readers and refrain from this kind of activity. Thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/Soccerselection Dogfox

    When tripod sites and yahoo voice sites rank in the top 10 for a specific search and youtube videos and spam sites make up the other 8, Google needs to take notice.  Searchers, webmasters and advertisers are being royally screwed and Google should be better at customer service.  Look after your customers and your customers will look after you.  Forget that basic rule and you lose a lot of friends, customers, webmasters and advertisers, your choice Google!

  • http://doityourselfcomputing.com/ Robbi Drake

    I don’t know that I agree with that comment @John. I do feel that more effort is in order and some level of change or amendment. I lost some ground on some sites, and I gained ground on others. In the beginning I was incensed, but after really thinking about it,  the bottom line is, who do I blame for that?

     At the end of the day, we learn from it or we whine about it. . Granted what was accepted–even encouraged practice a year ago is no longer so.but we learn from it and we move on. Google is fighting for their own life and their business and they have always been the most fickle of friends. I hope none of us is so naive as to believe that it’s not about making money. Improving the search results may be the stated goal, but the reason for that desired improvement is also making money.

     I  take exception to the hypocrisy of it–as I’ve said before, if building links and blog networks are wrong,and get you slapped,  then taking money to advertise those businesses is also wrong..(Google “build links” and see the paid adverts that are being accepted) if you slam it then you can’t really take money for promoting  it. It tends to confuse people. If you’re promoting it then why isn’t it accepted practice etc.

    I  feel that the quality of search in some areas has been strengthened and in some areas has fallen dismally.It’s a balance in my book and it will quite likely get better. I’m seeing a lot of improvements in just the last week
    Insofar as recovery,  and search engine placement, I think It would be the height of foolishness to say that quality content and solid holistic SEO are all that you need. We all know that it doesn’t work that way. I’ve written content online for more than 12 years and I can say definitively that .If you build it they will NOT come, it takes effort :) It takes traffic driving and search engine placement effort and it takes smart thinking and hard work.

    All that being said,  I think that we need to take another lesson away from this that many
    failed to take from Panda. Google does not OWE us traffic.  That’s
    something we’ve lost sight of  and need to take a hard look at. We seem
    to have this incredible “entitlement”  line of thinking about Google.. 
    We as SEO providers and as intelligent people need to take our traffic
    building efforts to other venues and stop putting all of our eggs in the
    Google basket. We secure multiple traffic streams  and stop thinking that because we built it and we seo’d
    it that Google owes us the traffic. They don’t.

    Sorry for writing a book guys.

  • John Ernest Guadalupe

    Do you have any info how Bing ranks its sites? It would be a great help to us who utilize SEO on their websites and blogs. It seems Bing will soon outperform Google in a number of years time.

  • Desperate_searcher

    AAAHHHH!!!  So THAT’S what’s gone wrong with Google Search!  The main, huge, horrible problem is that the search now includes everything on a web page, not just the text and headline of the story. Since many news sites have an index of news stories at the side of the page it means that if there is one story on the site that fits the search criteria, every single story on that site will be returned in the search results.  This is also affected by menus containing the search word and any ads that appear on the page.  Just try searching for “Countryside Alliance” on the Politics site – as the CA has an ad, every single story on that site appears.
    The second horrible problem is – only the last few hours’ worth of stories are returned (relevant or not), then there’s a huge gap between about 3 hours and 13 hours.  After about 13 hours, only a few results per hour appear.  
    Both these problems together mean that (a) you have to wade through masses and masses of junk and (b) if you want a comprehensive search, you have to repeat it every 3 hours otherwise you will miss stuff. 
    SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THEM!!!  I have complained every day since this started to happen and nothing has been done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chrismarciante Chris Marciante

    THIS GOOGLE UPDATE IS HORRIBLE! I am a Network Consultant in-directly for Apple. I use google to answer little questions I have all day long about tech things. When I search Buffalo giga N450 the rankings are most populated with “BUY Buffalo giga N450, PURCHASE Buffalo giga N450, BUY ONLINE Buffalo giga N450” etc… 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3LNPZVIK2C46GNBYPPNRM5AQP4 Patrick

    Search Engine dynamics keep on changing and within it nothing is perfect.
    Hence, there is no particular SEO technique that worked yesterday and will surely work today as well. SEO is kind of trial and error : sometimes a “shot in the dark”.
    This makes it all the more challenging and interesting.
    Patrick Carter from http://www.computergeek247.com