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    HAHA not funny, well sort of funny if you’re being sarcastic.

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    Not to mention where he says to try a new formula for link building and then link building isn’t even in his list. Pretty much it reads as “Link building isn’t dead, but don’t do it anyways, but you still need it”.

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    Yeah they are valid but don’t try to game or spam through hashtags.

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    I have recently attended a seminar of Google where they mainly focuses on social signal like g+, Facebook, Twitter … to use it for link building and branding.

  • Yiannis Gedeon

    “SEOs used to be able to use links and other factors to trick Google into thinking that their search website was more authoritative and helpful than it actually was. Hummingbird once again makes the end user the absolute focus of search results. We can’t trick Google anymore! Building links to less-than-amazing content will fail. Google will notice high bounce rates, the lack of natural social sharing, and a variety of other quality signals no matter how many links you build — probably even faster with Hummingbird”.

    – Dont know where to start disagreeing with this paragraph. SEO were using links and other factors to rank their web site, “tricking google” is never in anyones’ agenda unless this refers to black hatters which I doubt as this is not a black hat blog. It is Google’s nature and faulty -sometimes- ways of rankings sites that forced most people to seek those links. Unless Google is a saint and SEOs the devil.

    – The end user was always the absolute focus (not sure what you mean by “once again”), no serious marketer will look at the “traffic number”. The first think I check every day when I log in to my accounts is the “GOAL” tab. that was, is, and will remain the primary focus of all online businesses. Everything digital marketers do is around that tab wether its organic, vian email, facebook etc.

    – YOu say that “Google will notice high bounce rates, the lack of natural social sharing, and a variety of other quality signals no matter how many links you build — probably even faster with Hummingbird”. Not sure how HUmmingbird will make this process “faster”.

    Lastly the ratios % you are giving us for the new link building are more related with the Penguin 2.1 update rather Hummingbird.

    Other than that, good read and thanks for taking the time to post it.

  • Ashutosh R

    Wondering wasn’t Google already looking into this stat… :)

  • RedLeader

    What he said is nearly word-for-word what the Google Search team has said over the past couple of months in various channels, and it’s what is in their new updated “spam” definition- “any link built for the purpose of manipulating PageRank” is considered spam.

    While you may be right that Google can’t tell right now, that doesn’t make Chris Koszo wrong about saying that that’s what Google *wants* to accomplish, soon.

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    Damnit, I wanted to click. ><

  • RedLeader

    Aren’t you the “guest” that replied to me? Go attempt to spam links elsewhere, dude.

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    Yeah, this article is misleading and spouts what essentially amounts to nothing more than wild speculation.

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    I do weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvah’s

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    Hired! What are your rates?

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    “searching [pizza] at home might mean you’re looking for a recipe, but
    searching [pizza] on your phone most likely means you need the closest
    pizza joint, pronto” And what about the increasing number of people who search on their phone both at home and away?

  • george

    I am absolutely sick of hearing about social signals. I wish the SEO community and sites like these would stop talking about it. It’s all a load of BS… you would know this if you ran some tests! The only social signals that matter to google will revolve around Google Plus and mobile search queries.

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    In my experience, whenever you look at link building as a way to connect your website to your audience you build/earn the kind of links Google rewards. As soon as you look at links as way to the top you sacrifice the value of those links for the amount of links you could get.

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    Haha! Exactly!!

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    Most of the information given after ALL the updates are knee jerk reactions based on guesses and conjectures. If they are said on a site like this that has “authority” or by a guru type, people believe it. People are led astray VERY easily with SEO type information. It’s sad, actually.

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    Now THIS is a good comment with correct information that people SHOULD listen to.

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    Does Google manipulate the site ranking? Is that hummingbird says!