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    Well this sounds like an intelligent move on Diggs part. They have been alienating a huge portion of the web for years due to the overall communities hatred for the search marketing industry.

    Digg will still need to do something about the unseen malicious burying practices that occur all too often.

    If they make it publicly seen when someone buries a story (like the way Sphinn does) then this should curtail a lot of the abusive burying practices that occur. Hopefully Kevin Rose and company will consider this as part of their radical site overhaul.

    This will also be nice to have my SEM website unbanned. If this actually happens of course. hehe ;-)

  • http://sem-group.net/ the_gman

    SEOs (and probably a lot of others, too) are celebrating with today’s news that Digg will shutter its toolbar and unban all previously banned domains. Digg’s new CEO, Kevin Rose, says the changes will happen with the upcoming relaunch of Digg.com.

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    Yes, a much needed change. A fresh beginning for Digg!