• http://www.jarrodhunt.com Jarrod Hunt


    On one hand I commend you for getting involved and trying to educate some of the morons who post over at Digg. On the other hand I think it’s just a waste of your time.

    Not all Diggers are morons, but there are plenty of Diggers who make bold comments without any prior knowledge of the subject matter. I seriously wonder how old some of them are. 12? 15?

    Anyways, it was a very entertaining article none-the-less.

  • http://www.cameronolthuis.com Cameron Olthuis

    I echo what Jarrod said. Half these kids barely know their ABCs, let alone their SEOs.
    I Used this comic in my last SES speech, gotta love the irony.

  • http://MatchTo.com Steve Morsa

    …like trying to teach calculus to a room full of crying first graders, Danny…you never had a chance.

  • Ethan Giffin

    I am so proud to be a full time digger. I am lucky my grandmother does my laundry cause I am so busy in the basement working.

  • http://mcanerin.blogger.com Ian McAnerin

    I’m confused.

    How is digging something up or down based on personal bias rather than the quality of the resource different from spamming?

    If you digg something for the wrong reason, then YOU are the spammer, not the author, IMO.

    We have email spam, we have search spam, and now we have digg spam – it’s all the same stuff with different tactics.

    I wonder if these guys realize that spamming something down for an unworthy reason is at least as bad (in essence, censorship) as spamming something up for an unworthy reason.

    Oh, sorry, I guess they are the “honourable spammers” who are “helping” the system deal with it’s flaws by manipulating it for their own purposes – all for everyone elses good, of course.

    Hey, I think I’ve heard that arguement somewhere before…


  • http://www.paulshort.com Paul Short

    Diggers have been conditioned over time to only read the title and first 2 sentences of any story or article, then make their own assumptions based on what the hive mind is saying.

    I used to think Digg was great, but lately I’m not so sure. Hate to admit it, but I’m getting close to agreeing with the Netscape model where they have editors. *cough, sputter, clenching teeth* Jason Calacanis may have been right about it…

  • http://www.searchmarketinggurus.com Li Evans

    Another great post Danny, but like Jarrod said, I guess some of its lost, cuz these diggerz are what… 15, 16?

    Cameron – that comic is hilarous! :)

  • http://www.seofox.com WilliamC

    Danny, while it is commendable attempting to educate diggers, I have to echo the feeling of tilting at windmills there.

    Now maybe if your comments were in the form of top 10 lists, they might have had a better chance there :)

  • http://www.giggg.com Giggg

    Well nothing works better than showing simple data to 15 year olds. So i’ve got a point to prove at http://www.giggg.com

    You’ll know that 10% of the users are responsible for more than 50% of all popular stories. Digg is nothing more than a playground for 15 year olds and an ego trip par excellence.

  • http://www.impact-direct.com contentmuse


    Your post yesterday was phenomenal. I am fairly new to the SEO world and I printed it out as a solid piece of reference.

    This is coming from a high school teacher:

    I commend you on this post as a follow up – hopefully some of the diggers who didn’t ‘dig’ yesterday’s post will be aware enough to seek you out in the future. Obviously you are very passionate and very educated about what you do and that speaks volumes in and of itself.

    I have two quotes to relay:

    As far as the the critical diggers go:

    “Children have to be educated, but they also have to be left to educate themselves.”

    In relation to the insightful post:

    “Education is that which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding.”

    Keep up the excellent work

  • http://www.pocketsynch.com PocketSynch

    I think the problem is that diggers have grown to be proud of their reputation for being immature. It shows in the snarky rude comments you see on EVERY story that makes it to the front page.

    Now is that 13 year old logic? Being proud of being bad? Well of course it is. But at the same time it has it’s place. I personally go on digg almost every day for the pure hilarity of it. I have seen some of the greatest one-liner comebacks and responses ever seen anywhere and I firmly believe that some of those guys need to be doing stand up.

    But hey, it is what it is, and some people you can’t make feel bad about something they’re truly proud of no matter how hard you try.

  • http://www.redcardinal.ie RedCardinal

    Unfortunately for your one excellent voice of reason there are many, many quiet voices whose actions speak volumes – all the guys who are constantly trying to spam there way to an extra dollar.

    It’s very hard to defend the ‘good’ SEO and to make the distinctions between the creative work of good SEOs and the contemptuous crap otherwise know as SPAM.

    Spam affects so many people that you can hardly blame the average folk when they think that SEO = spamming?

    At least you’re creating a dialogue on the issue. Please keep shouting because I’m quite sure people are listening.

  • f-lops-y

    hey Danny,
    take my hat off to you. great posting, and you know what – those little buggers will grow up and become seo’ers (generalization and no offence intended for any little buggers who happen to be reading this comment) …

    …touchy little blighters arent they… :), and for those of you interested (please move along if you’re not), my humble take on all this is – SEO is bloody hard work. SEO has been given a bad rep by the x% of spammers, there are a LOT of us who DON’T spam, have legitimate clients, who fork out a lot of money on SEO (millions – actually billions according to latest Outsell research) because – shock – it DOES work, – it DOES provide for branding exposure – and careful application of white hat seo methodology does drive targeted, qualified traffic to websites which convert – which is the point of having a website .. so yes, good design, easy navigation, content of interest to visiors – all very NB – , but if they can’t find you among the however many billion webpages out there, you’re a bit stuffed really….

    hence… WHITE-HAT SEO people who know their shit, get results and contribute positively towards the SERPS because they know that maintaining quality sites and listings is what makes the search engines and the searchers (who actually are relatively important) happy…

    ..And I’m a woman too – (yes, yes there are some *relatively* successful female seo-ers… why would that be playing on the female thingey?) i assume there are these days women in most industries… we can multitask you know – like have babies, cook barefoot in the kitchen with the cell phone in one hand, baby on the apron strings and free left pinkie finger tapping away on the laptop…what the hell did women have to do with the price of eggs and how was your (Danny’s) comment so misinterpreted… *sigh* – I’m done now… back to the pinkie finger typing and I’ll put some socks on – its bloody cold on my bare stone floor – jeez

  • http://www.seopractices.com seo beginners

    I would call it “Jason Calacanis: Mad SEO link bait”

    Is the SEO word turning to be a “bad word” like viagra, pharmacy, etc.,?

    “I’d actually joked with someone that if I wanted to really try and educate many on Digg about mistaken notions of SEO”

    Maybe is time for us to question ourselves, as much as we think others need to be educated on what SEO is, we need to reeducate ourselves too.

    Thanks for taking up the SEO Flag.

  • Rose Water

    I guess this really means that digg is now as dumb as slashdot, and as big as a waste of time.

  • http://devjunky.wordpress.com/ Matthew Bertulli

    I am fairly new to the SEO world as well, and yesterdays post was unbelievable. I’ve been fighting a lot of battles at work in the last little while about building my company’s online presence and your article was a great piece of reference material for me.

    You’ve just earned yourself one more subscriber/reader.

  • http://controltheweb.blogspot.com/ Dave

    Nice marketing focus group moderation on SEO and the upcoming generation, Danny! What lessons learned on how to market SEO to this generation?

    Time for a different acronym? Had you asked, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Site Optimization With Helpful Access Tactics” were suggested :-)