• mad4

    I don’t think its a bury brigade – its just an algorithm.

    One of my sites was banned about May last year and was let back in to Digg the other week. Since then every single story submitted from the site is buried no matter how many diggs it gets.

    My theory is that instead of banning sites digg just automatically buries all submissions. Kind of like the Google +30 penalty.

    I think JohnChow.com seems to be experiencing this as well.

  • jimbeetle

    Very, very interesting. This story was first dugg 58 minutes ago. It’s already buried.

  • Blue Collar Muse

    Danny –

    Just an FYI to let you know that I linked to this story at Blue Collar Muse. This isn’t really a comment other than to say I liked the post enough to link to it. Sorry to spam your comments but there was no contact info for you that I saw. It really is just an FYI so feel free to delete it after you get the info.


    Blue Collar Muse

  • http://www.forthardknox.com Jenn

    Another reason Digg might be having problems? Seems the “Diggers” don’t have as much authority on Digg as one might think. Update: http://forthardknox.com/?p=236