• caikon

    you say “My prediction that marketers would increasingly apply automation to combat rising costs-per-click for paid search was spot on. Across our clients, we saw a dramatic shift in click-share from broad to exact match keywords, resulting in improvements in CPC across the board.”

    Which REAL automation tools are you seeing/using?

    When do you think we will have a ‘black box’ where money, inventory and CPC/A targets are input and perfectly optimized results come out?

  • Wanda

    Suprised not to see a mention on the possible impact of Apples SIRI. IMO there will be a rise of keyword vertical ad networks, it is an area that is very neglected in the fledgling markets where the front runners have not understood what competition is all about and SEO is learnt from forum questions.

  • http://www.pi-corp.net P.I.

    Our proposal volume and revenue continues to increase in direct proportion to our investment in social media. This, combined with high demand products and services, is a successful approach to high beta business. There has never been a more opportune time to deliver the business message into the global marketplace and deliver business results; results that deliver technology for the benefit of humanity.

  • http://turnuplocal.com T.L.

    The big G had better add some more incentives for advertisers. It’s true that bid prices are going though the roof. It’s seems with all the new avenues at the disposal of marketers more and more are looking for more cost effective campaigns. With that said there is no magic bullet to replace having a well rounded campaign across all channels.

  • Wanda

    I understand the Google Modus Operandi, good on them and on interconnecting artificial neurons or programming constructs that mimic the properties of biological neurones.
    “Things will always evolve, fortunately language will not until we are processor enabled. To many names competing to become brands IMO = Keyword Advantage” This is supported by the quality authoritative brand percentage credibility of the dot com = the importance of the quality of the cc & com websites is paramount for all. It will be w-a-y past my time but ultimately all international language will be one skin deep processor enabled code. For the foreseeable future I am keyword programmed. as are all the SEO experts wearing the emperors new clothes. Very Deep pockets are required or networked top level keyword verticals. The keyword verticals carry the brand development on the index page.You have to pay so own the keyword from the off.

  • http://www.seoinc.com John E Lincoln

    Hi Matt, I really like your piece here. In particular, I thought the shift from applications to HTML 5 based mobile app-like-sites makes sense. Especially due to the lack of tracking as you mentioned. Good post!


  • http://domainassets.ca D.A.

    Interesting stuff – I was wondering about the “battle” between mobile apps and using html. The point about advertisers preferring html over apps because of tracking is huge. Could the advertisers dictate who wins that fight rather than consumers? Blackberry has been saying html is better than apps for awhile in their fight with apple over the mobile web. Maybe they both will find their place – time will tell.