• http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    “Select if your site has changed significantly. Google will use this URL as a starting point in indexing your site content. Google doesn’t guarantee to index all pages on your site” – how does this work with a noindex, follow page?

    i am guessing google will see the noindex but still update all of the linked pages.

  • http://www.rankexperts.com jasonmz83

    This is great source, thanks for sharing the information, we will definitely provide the information out to our clients and help them getting their links indexed in google faster.

  • http://www.seoblog.co.za DarrenVrede

    I’m glad this topic has come up because I have been wanting to get peoples views on this. What happens if your site or a site that you have a link on gets crawled but does not get indexed. Do you guys think this link is still valuable even though the page it is on does not appear in the index?

  • Hiren vaghela

    Wow it seems good, WMT is always better for webmasters and this feature is added up now.

  • Alex

    I heard about this Fetch as Googlebot feature but it does not work at all so far.
    Submitted couple website to Google year ago.
    Those site are visible on Bing but not on Google.
    Google sucks!

  • http://www.sorezki.com Roi Sorezki

    I’m a bit confused Vanessa. You said “Today”, but how is this a new feature? We’ve been using this for quite some time now. Here’s a screenshot of our last fetch from the 21st of July – http://goo.gl/kKyHH (a couple of weeks prior to this post), and we’ve been using this service for quite some time now.

    Has anything been changed a week ago?

  • http://panicattacksdoctor.com/ Elaine Ryan

    Thanks for posting this.  I am having trouble with one of my new blogs http://panicattacksdoctor.com and have just gone through all the pages and fetched and submitted as googlebot

  • http://www.monicawright.com Monica Wright

    Hi Elaine,

    I suggest asking your question over at our Linked In group. It’s extremely active and many members respond to this type of question. You’ll have a better chance of getting some help there. http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=53266

  • http://panicattacksdoctor.com/ Elaine Ryan

     thanks Monica, I will have a look :)

  • joeflyde

    I am just getting into this SEO stuff so this was a very informative post.  ThankYou.


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