• homelights

    Why does Microsoft think it’s the Copyright police? They have a hard enough time making software that isn’t bug-laiden and defective. Maybe they should worry about themselves and all of their issues and let Google worry about themselves. The more Microsoft insists on doing things like this, the more people should consider moving AWAY from their products.

  • http://www.centernetworks.com/microsoft-vs-google-patentmania-is-on HTMLCENTER

    Awesome writeup – I posted about this in the morning and added your link to the post. I also have added this to my post of the year contenders. This was just an awesome writeup. I bow before your greatness.

    I added a digg for ya.

  • Jon WEbb

    There’s a cute mistake in the talk — he says “Google, after all, has not a single registration in the Copyright Office’s database”. This is not true. It has exactly one registration, for a program called InCircle, registered 7 January 2003, TX-6-079-068.
    But then, search was never Microsoft’s strong suit, eh?