• http://mobiabc.com M.A.

    We have a say in Image Facial Recognition ! Google allows you to “Report Offensive Images”. The right thing to do would be for all of us to click on the “report” link at the bottom of disgraceful images and get rid of them.

  • captwasabi

    But what constitutes an offensive image? All the “Report Offensive Image” does is allow the mob to rule. If you are to allow freedom of speech then you must also allow for offense. For a company with a motto of “Don’t Be Evil” to censor is offensive. The best option would be to still allow the “Report Offensive Image” but also create a filter for the individual user. That way the user can decide if they want to see “offensive” images or not. This way the user is protected and the full spectrum of human knowledge, both good and bad, is still accessible.

  • http://ProperPlus.co.uk Jacob Wilson

    Well, you got her damn name into the search box. you dont even need a photo search to have these results…