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    Well Happy Birthday DMOZ!

  • Ed


    Thanks but no thanks. DMOZ is full of spam and I’ll bet the so called volunteers work for the major SEO companies. It’s such a joke. so hard to get a legitamite site included in DMOZ. Be a man, do some research and write a detailed post on DMOZ listing success stories.

  • http://www.seoworkers.com Webnauts

    I do not see what is great that DMOZ has birthday. That directory became a spam farm. They removed my website webnauts.net (which was included for years) when I asked them for a reason why do they not accept my site seoworkers.com.

    I fully agree with Ed above. That is a monopoly of some major SEO companies. I reported during the last few years 3 editors for abuse. They kick them out and what did I get for a thank you?

    Why don’t you tell here what is so great about them?

  • zuko105


    Now maybe they can get some actual employees with dedicated responsive staff or maybe a responsive volunteer base to make them relevant and useful again.

  • blainevess

    Happy birthday, but who even uses DMOZ? Google gave it a boost by placing value on the links in the directory, but I really hope this isn’t the case anymore. Google itself has been successful simply because it doesn’t follow the inefficient, biased, and unreliable directory structure that DMOZ follows.