• ronabop

    The upstart Wikipedia totally didn’t get any traffic because of decades-old encyclopedia brands, Youtube just couldn’t compete with all the existing TV giants, Pandora couldn’t get any listeners, and myspace and facebook failed because they couldn’t compete with the monolithic Geocities, and twitter died because, well, broadband is so prevalent that a simple minimal text update service would have no value… the internet landscape is filled with failed startups like these, which were started on a wing and a prayer, and just couldn’t ever compete with the powerful established brands and media, with their vast amounts of capital….

    In a totally different reality, of course, because the politics of “race” and “gender” and other protected classes (and even established social classes) simply doesn’t apply to websites. If anything, website competition is a raceless, classless, ageless, genderless, (etc.) competition, and the powerful brands and names can be replaced or removed in a matter of years by a better idea, a better implementation, a simpler interface.

  • YoTodd

    It is an interesting argument, but you could also make the same assumptions for any type of marketing. For example, new clothing design companies are disadvantaged because they don’t have the money to post ads in the top fasion magazines. Or new retail stores often cannot affort fancy signs or ads for their storefront.

    Maketing always costs money, and people with more money will be able to do more marketing. All startups, even regardless of their funding, minority status, or current competition struggle to establish a brand name. This is a standard stuggle that all businesses suffer through, and yet we still see innovation, new businesses, and success.

    Frankly I see this as an extreme “what if” type of investigation. It might lead to some interesting ideas, but the practical application is the equivelent to Budweiser buying all of the ad spots for the entire Super Bowl Sunday, on all the channels. It is _theoretically_ possible, but it will never happen. New entrants will never be blocked out of meaningful internet marketing, and the process of finding new ways to reach people only increases innovation, spurs growth, and creates a better environment for consumers.

    And local search will make it even easier.

  • ronabop

    What is the cost per web page?


    This is where CERN got it right (and where Hilltop, and similar, IR algos won)

    Good information wins.