• http://www.localseoguide.com Andrew Shotland

    Hanan, not sure, but you may be mistaking Incredible Tan’s marketing tactics with a bug in Google Places/Maps. If you look at their place page you’ll see they have set their service area to within 10 miles of their location. There’s nothing on their site or their place page that includes out of market keywords. It could be that they have inbound links or citations that point at these markets, but I haven’t dug into it too deeply. It may even be that their generic name is contributing to this.

    Perhaps a more appropriate title for this post would be “Hey Google, Does Being Incorrectly Listed in Multiple Cities Help a Truly Local Business?” :)

  • http://bit.ly/a9JY7e Dennis Brennan

    I’d agree on what Andrew see’s, it’s a Google bump in the road. I see these types (and intentionally optimize certain terms/phrases) so that a client listing will appear on the map in surrounding communities and sometimes, the only listing on the map.

    It actually could have additional mobile search benefits in that on a smartphone search, having your location based on where you not where you live, gives you results that could influence your schedule, something Google Instant will never be able to predict.

    Say I am looking for a spray tanning salon but I am planning on being in a certain area attending an event on Friday. Knowing and being familiar with an area and or service provider will certainly influence my schedule.