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    I would like to say thank SELand for the accurate information. I rely on you to supply the most up to date information. As for this article, it is fairly written. I dislike however the concerns of such persons. If they do not like Google than use AOL. LOL. I must be missing the articles on Television companies who only allow those who pay them to appear in commercials between shows, or an uprising against billboard companies. Yeah I know, none of these posses the influence that Google does, but really? Google has fought tooth and nail to protect out data. Now org’s want to teem up with the DOJ? Really? I would like to see all these people teaming up aganst Google release complete user and search data. Than maybe they will have more love for Google when their user data dirt is everywhere. Google has made search what it is today, we should be thankful for all their inovation has done for the world. But hey, jealousy and greed powers most of these uprisings. Or fear, fear of what they will lose orbit gain because they just can’t do what Google can.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    The DOJ did a bang up job protecting consumers from any advertising price increases coming out of the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal, so I am sure they will apply that experience to protect consumers from unfair competition here, too.