• http://localreachlabs.com/ Russell Hayes

    Thanks for writing about this issue and what I’d love to see Google do is just let us disavow incorrect listings inside our dashboards just like we do for links. We’ll never stop data scrapers from scraping incorrect data so we need a tool in our listing dashboards to allow us to tell Google to stop creating dup listings based on wherever they got the source from. They, “Google” claim they do everything to provide a better search experience for their users, well duplicate listings do not provide that in the least.

  • Andrew Shotland

    That would be an interesting solution Russell. Google’s preference is to do this kind of thing algorithmically. They are kind of like a germophobe who doesn’t want anything icky (aka human) to touch them.

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Great post Andrew and love the zombie dupes! Off to share with all my peeps.

    Well said Russ and great suggestion. This was also one of the suggestions in the recent BrightLocal survey of features we’d all like to see Google add in the Places dashboard. I know Google saw it because I brought to their attention. Here’s hoping some of the recommendations, including that one are implemented.

  • http://www.949local.com/ Jim Froling

    Ironically, Google itself contributes to the dupe headache as they “create” Google+ pages for businesses, like my own, even though the business has already created and verified a G+ page previously. Google acknowledges their ambitious creativity and says that eventually the two pages will be merged. In the meantime, I see the Google created page sitting there empty (besides NAP+U) and without content and scared to death to touch it.

  • Andrew Shotland

    @Jim, this could definitely be a matching/conflation issue where there are other sources with slightly different data that Google can’t catch, no matter how awesome their algo is.