• http://www.seansupplee.com SeanSupplee

    I was really glad to see this article come up here today. I go into a lot of forums and I always see duplicate content questions about SEO all the time. There are some on the side that say its not an issue and then others that say it is. Honestly it is an issue and you have to create unique content. If you did not the entire web would be the same article over and over again.

    Glad to see this addressed in the right spotlight and even out of a context in which I was thinking about it when creating a UK or another language version of your site.

  • tatiana_london

    We use the same root domain (I know it’s not perfect) and reproduce our site structure in 2-3 languages now, is that a problem if we have duplicate or almost duplicate urls?

  • http://www.bealoud.com BeAloud

    Having almost duplicate urls wouldn’t be a problem, but if your website isn’t too big, I would use localised keywords in urls (the same you would use in the content: us.shop.com/flowers, fr.shop.com/fleurs, it.shop.com/fiori and so on).

    Even if you are just using different folders, like /fr and /de, you still can use multiple XML Sitemaps to target different countries and languages more effectively.

  • http://www.searchkingdom.co.uk RobAndrews

    Wow, a big issue and well done Andy for highlighting some of the dup content traps in geographical/language site expansions.

    In my experience every single situation is different and each expansion should be planned, whilst taking into account all the individual factors.

    There are a host of options available (subdomains/folders/top level domains/IP delivery/etc.). You have to find the right mix for your environment and goals.

    Really, really important to get good advice here and not ‘wing it’.