• http://auctiongeniuswealthplan.com Sydney Jonston

    It is amazing to watch large and successful companies behave like small, petulant children. eBay got mad at Google and it’s going to take its toys and go home. It makes no sense for eBay ads to disappear from AdWords listings and as an eBay seller I am NOT happy. eBay’s technology makes it hard to test our results, but our a href=”http://auction-genius-course.com”>eBay selling results are almost certain to be damaged by the lack of AdWords exposure.

    I’ve been making my living off eBay for 11+ years but I often wonder how eBay survives as well as it does since it often seems to make its decisions for immature emotional reasons. Of course, its feud with Google is nothing new … case in point: buying Skype just because Google wanted it. Ever since that gruesomely expensive purchase, eBay has been wondering what to do with its phone service. I’m sure I speak for all eBay sellers when I hope that this decision to withdraw from AdWords doesn’t come back and bite us.

  • http://www.distilled.co.uk/blog tom_distilled

    I don’t know if anything has changed since last night or if it’s because I’m in the UK but I’m seeing ebay ads as usual on all kinds of terms…

    Is the quarrel over?

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    See our previous article on the issue — only US ads were pulled.